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Meet Jacob

Jacob Weerasinghe started Alaska Creations in 2015 with an entrepreneurial spirit that has continued to evolve with products, ideas, and dreams. Jacob started making earrings after learning from a friend some tips and techniques. He ventured into survival bracelets, key chains, zipper pulls, and candles. Soon after that, he started a clothing line with designs drawn by lifelong friend's. He is selling his products at fairs and craft markets throughout Alaska and in several retail stores. Jacob wanted to reach more people and thus this web page was born.

Jacob was born in Haines Alaska in 2004 to loving, supportive parents that have helped him in countless ways, Nishan and Susan Weerasinghe. He couldn't do it without them! His brother, Alex, two years younger than Jacob, has worked for him in many capacities. The Weerasinghe's have a lovely girl, Lucy, a Golden Lab, that rounds out their family.

Jacob says: "I love the process of going from idea to product. I take pride in my work. Everything is handmade with care and quality. Our clothing line is silk-screened, one of the highest quality of printing. Thank you so much for visiting my website and reading the story of Alaska Creations. I hope my products become some of your favorites!"

- Jacob Weerasinghe